WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: A diet plan that actually works!

Royale Med

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: A diet plan that actually works!

Royale Medical is now offering a comprehensive weight-loss package geared at helping you achieve your goals. 

Lose weight in a supportive environment of team of specialists!

This specialized program includes:

• Personalized weight loss plan

• Individualized calorie intake

• Diet sheet

• Fitness Coach - personalized training

• Nutritional supplements

• Hormone balance

• Stress Management 

• 12-Week program

• Initial Wellness Assessment

• Weekly weight check & follow ups

• Supportive Team

• Motivational counseling

Program completion rewards 

• Post completion follow up

A program designed just for you!

Begin your weight loss journey today!


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Muhammad Bashir
20/08/2023 04:12 AM

A nice piece of article to tackle obese.Obese is not only have a bad impression on your personality but also a reason of many diseases.

06/09/2022 09:41 PM

Please give me information on your weight lost program including cost. Thanks

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