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My first time visiting Royale Medical and Wellness Center was when I did my Executive Checked-up which I refused to do for many years seeing that I don’t like going to the hospital. The thought of doing blood tests had me panicked already. However, a very good friend of mine encouraged me to do it. They referred me to this clinic and promised me that I wouldn’t feel any pain. So Reynold Kirk (Med Tech) did my blood test. The experience was amazing, I didn’t feel any pain when he did the test, all I heard was “Ok Cristina, we’re done.”

A couple weeks after, I came back for a check up. In all honesty the doctors And Staff at the clinic are very accommodating, they are very experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Malik explained everything to me when I asked questions pertaining to my health. I am so happy with the service. I highly recommend Royale Medicale and Wellness Centre for everyone!
Cristina Watler
New lab and clinic near Georgetown. They offer lab testing and several medical specialists. Service is great and they take all insurance. Highly recommend if you need lab testing.
Joseph Davis
While on vacation I sliced my foot kitesurfing, actually embedded an object 1cm long, maybe the end of a rusty nail or similar. I went here and was immediately looked after. Dr. Malik was fantastic along with all the staff. They went above and beyond to ensure that all my issues were addressed. I would go back there in an instant and would highly recommend them for any medical need.
Tony Gaunce